MedServe: An Investment in our State

Investment in medical education is invaluable to the future of our state. That is why at the UNC School of Medicine, we work day in and day out to attract the best and brightest minds who will go on to provide top-quality care to patients across our state.

Recently, two medical and business school students from UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke launched MedServe, a first-of-its-kind program that pairs 13 outstanding recent college graduates with primary care clinics in rural or underserved communities across North Carolina for two years of immersive service. Fellows kicked off their summers with a week of training at the UNC School of Medicine, where they gained practical skills and knowledge to help in their clinical roles.

Many people don’t realize it, but the UNC School of Medicine serves North Carolinians in all 100 counties of the state, reaching rural and underserved populations. However, this task is becoming more challenging as our population continues to grow. We are now the nation’s ninth most populous state, and we’re adding about 100,000 new residents each year. By 2030, that’s like adding another third of our current population.

MedServe is helping address this challenge. It’s increasing awareness for the importance of primary care, providing care to communities that need it most and providing vital experiences to future physicians. This is the kind of innovative and collaborative approach that will bring real improvements throughout our state.

At UNC, we constantly strive to provide empathetic, expert care to all North Carolinians. This is what we call complete care. I am thrilled that MedServe is taking part in our ambitious, yet necessary, mission.

To learn more about MedServe, click here.


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