UNC Health Care’s New Year’s Resolution to North Carolina

Like many North Carolinians, we at UNC Health Care find it helpful to set resolutions, as they allow us to define, and then meet, our overarching goals. This year, we’ve resolved to cultivate existing partnerships, forge new ones with other organizations, and expand the physician base of UNC Health Alliance – all to provide North Carolinians with greater access to exceptional health care.

Last year, we worked with Cisco to open a state-of-the-art health center for employees and their families on the information technology company’s main campus in Research Triangle Park. Through this on-site clinic, UNC Physicians Network doctors coordinate care for Cisco employees and their dependents to improve overall health and keep costs down. Though this center has been open for only a few months, it is already exceeding expectations: On average, the clinic sees more than 35 patients daily.

Along with 10 other health systems, UNC Health Care is participating in Provider-Led and Patient-Centered Care LLC, which will allow the 1.9 million North Carolina residents on Medicaid to enroll in prepaid health plans, giving them access to high-quality care and more health choices than ever before.

Smart collaboration is a must for delivering outstanding care. We will continue to grow our existing partnerships and look for new partnerships that enable exceptional care across the state. Click here to learn more about our on-site health center at Cisco and here to learn more about Provider-Led and Patient-Centered Care LLC.

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