Town by Town, Complete Care

Health care has changed dramatically in recent years, and UNC Health Care has changed to meet the evolving landscape. We are now a statewide system with eight hospitals serving patients across North Carolina.

We have grown and changed, but what remains the same is our system-wide commitment to complete care, which for us is a combination of expertise and empathy. We know patients want the best, most cutting-edge care, and they want it delivered with empathy, by doctors and nurses they trust.

Our system branding campaign celebrates the unique differences and strengths among each entity within our system and the School of Medicine. Through this campaign, we want patients to know that we hear their high expectations. We are committed to providing care that is two attributes in balance – breakthrough and attentive, advanced and local – because we believe that this is what gets people well.

The hospitals and physicians UNC has partnered with all share that commitment. Our statewide presence allows for greater collaboration and helps us serve patients more effectively, empathetically and efficiently.

To learn more about how UNC Health Care is providing complete care to patients across North Carolina, visit

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