Looking back: a health care talk from the 1980s

The Department of Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. In 1989, when I was the deputy assistant for Domestic Policy and director of the White House Office of Policy Development, I spoke, along with others, at the department’s inaugural celebration.

Joseph Califano, Jr., LLB, then Senior Partner of Dewey Ballantine, Bushby, Palmer, and Wood and I gave a talk about “Health Care in the ’90s: The Impending Revolution.” The Department recently uploaded video of this talk to their website, which you can view here.

1 thought on “Looking back: a health care talk from the 1980s

  1. Gg

    Everything she said about you in the introduction is true, Dr. Roper. They don’t know quite what it is, but you are incredibly rare in that you carry the Christ energy of compassion, humility, and a speaker of truth. You must come from a lineage of GOOD spiritual seekers /servers as you carry these higher energies. I’m comforted that men like you exist on this planet, as you truly serve the higher good. You are a GEM!


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