About to depart

Our final two days here in Rwanda have been very worthwhile and enjoyable.

Yesterday we spent time in doors — it rained VERY hard most of the afternoon.

It was actually pleasant to sit and read and listen to the rain.

Last evening we had dinner with Bishop Nathan Gasatura and his wife Florence in their home.

[check out the pictures at www.flickr.com/photos/billroper]

Will and I had enjoyed their hospitality when we were here in 2010.

This time we were able to meet all four of their children — David (24), Daniel (22), Darius (20), and Deborah (17).

They are each bright and engaging.

Also with us at dinner were Dr. Patrick Kyamanywa, whom I met last year, and with whom I visited in June in Durham, NC.

He is dean of the School of Medicine at the National University of Rwanda — and he and I have hit it off quickly and well.

His two young children were at dinner last evening.

The house full of people made for a very good and lively time.

Today we checked out of the Anglican Guesthouse, where we have been staying in Butare, and went to see two “factories.”

One is a tinnery near Butare, where we saw them make beautiful pieces with tin.

And we went to Maraba Coffee, also nearby, where we saw them processing and sorting coffee beans.

Then we drove to Kigali, had lunch and then John, our driver, took us by to see his family.

His very modest home was filled with joy by him, his lovely wife Aline and their two young children, Samuel (5) and Elijah (2).

Each of them let Will and me hold him, but Elijah was not at all sure of us for a while.

We are now at Kigali International Airport — about to fly overnight to Brussels.

It has been an amazing week here.

Rwanda is a beautiful country with a heart-rending past, and a bright future.

We met wonderful people and learned a great deal.

Will and I are already planning our 2012 trip — BACK TO RWANDA!

Stay tuned.

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