Sonrise School

This morning we got to visit Sonrise School in Ruhengeri.

This is the school that Joel attends and Theoneste used to attend.

The two of them took us around the high school, which has about 550 students, mostly boarding.

We learned that Sonrise has one of the top records in Rwanda for students passing the national exam.

That’s a tribute to the dedicated teachers and the rigorous curriculum.

Part of the fun of the day was getting to visit again with Moses, the young Rwandan boy who lives with the Kings.

Moses is about to turn eight, and he is quite interactive — I took several pictures of him (at his request) and he used my camera to take pictures of Will and of me.

He also attends Sonrise — in the primary school.

This afternoon we drove back to Kigali — about two hours.

There are bicycles everywhere in Rwanda — and we saw an ingenious way of climbing a tall hill on a bike — by holding on to a truck.

Will and Theoneste have gone on to Nyanza, where they will spend the next two days.

They will be at the Dufatanye Cooperative, the non-profit organization that provides a place to live and some income for people with HIV/AIDS.

Will worked there last year on our visit — where he learned how to make bricks.

More to come!

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