Hydro Power in Rwanda

Today has been a full and rewarding day.

After a quick trip with our young friend Theoneste for him to see a local dentist, we headed out for Ruhengeri (or Musanze as it is now known officially).

It is about 70 miles, but it took us more than two hours, as there is quite a lot of road repair work underway.

Once we arrived, we went to the new home of Drs. Louise and Caleb King.

They used to live and work at Shyira Hospital, but now are in the city of Ruhengeri.

Louise will be teaching in the local family medicine residency program, and Caleb is devoting himself fully to launching a major hydroelectric project in the region.

He has been working part time on this for several years — the first construction phase has been underway since January, and he took us to see it.

About an hour drive out of Ruhengeri the project will divert a small river — the water will run in a canal they are building for 1.4 kilometers, gradually sloping downhill.

At the end, the water will descend almost straight down about 70 meters, in a 70 centimeter pipe — to turbines, which will generate electricity.

When fully built out, the projects Caleb is working on will be able to produce power equivalent to 20 percent of all the power now being produced in Rwanda by all methods.

His company is called “Peace Power and Light.”

I took several pictures that will show you the work — but I currently do not have enough bandwidth to upload them.

Check later at www.flickr.com/photos/billroper.

We had dinner tonight with Pastor Frank and his wife Peace, at the Kings’ home. They are the parents of Joel Gashagaza, the other young Rwandan student we are working with.

Stay tuned!

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