Patient Experience at UNC Health Care

UNC Health Care recently received its Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Provider Systems (HCAHPS) scores for June 2009-June 2010. HCAHPS measure patients’ ratings of their hospital experience and the results are compiled into 10 core measures as outlined by the department of Health and Human Services.

We ranked highest in the Triangle area in all core measures, which include things like overall hospital experience, bedside manner, communication, cleanliness and guidance through treatment options, among others.

We also were given a high overall ranking by 81 percent of surveyed patients, exceeding the state and national averages of 69 and 67 percent, respectively. The full list of our rankings can be found here.

We strive to provide our patients with the best care we can deliver. Through coordination of care and collaboration with other health systems, we are able to offer better measurement of outcomes, ultimately improving care. This will become increasingly important as we continue to grow.

Our HCAHPS scores help us identify our strengths and weaknesses as a System through the lens of our most valued graders: our patients. And these measurements will help us drive improvements in care quality as we move forward.

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