Expanding Care in our Area

Last week, UNC Health Care broke ground on its new Hillsborough campus, set to open for patient care in 2013. This expansion is part of our mission at UNC Health Care to provide access to high-quality care across our state. Once complete, the Hillsborough campus will ensure better access for patients who require care outside of the Chapel Hill community and help to alleviate some of the capacity issues at our main campus.

This expansion would not be possible without the dedication and hard work of our physicians. Their role is the focus of phase one of the project, a three-story physician office building, which will be completed in 2013. This facility will include an urgent care and outpatient clinic, imaging and oncology services. UNC Health Care Physicians are central to our ability to provide these services to the surrounding community.

The urgent care unit, in particular, will allow people with non-emergency issues to receive treatment, rather than traveling to our main campus’ emergency room. This will ease our emergency room crowding issues and help us keep medical costs low.

The second phase of the project is the UNC Hospitals – Hillsborough Campus, which will be home to 68 beds. Fifty of those will be used for acute care and 18 for intensive care units. We plan to be fully operational by 2015.

UNC Hospitals has 803 licensed beds in Chapel Hill currently, and those beds are typically at 90 percent. However, in the past few months, we have operated at nearly 100 percent capacity. The Hillsborough campus will allow us to move patients with non-emergency issues off our main campus to receive the care they need. This also will give us an opportunity to turn some of our semi-private patient rooms into private rooms – providing a better patient experience.

Our new Hillsborough campus will translate into jobs and overall growth for our area. This project is the result of decades of hard work and we are pleased to meet the growing health needs of our surrounding community.

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