UNC Health Care Hosts HealthLeaders Rounds

Several weeks ago, UNC Health Care was honored to be the site of the most recent HealthLeaders Rounds event on women's health. Participants included our own Drs. Daniel Clarke-Pearson and Nancy Chescheir, Mary Anne Graf from Bon Secours Richmond and Sue Korth from Methodist Women's Hospital in Omaha. The half-day panel discussion was shared with a live audience of local health care professionals, and also streamed virtually to more than 100 health care organizations across the country.

I am proud that our organization is taking steps to foster collaboration between various partners, and pleased we are afforded opportunities to learn from one another. Without working together, better health care for women would be significantly harder to achieve. Although there may be changes in health care in the coming months and years, the way we advance the care we are able to provide will not change it will always be driven through coordination among providers, and continued progress in access, research and health education. These topics are what the panelists spent most of their time covering.

Women's health is particularly important, because making continued progress to keep women healthy throughout their various life stages is vital to ensuring the long-term health of our communities. And by its very nature, women's health care demands multi-disciplinary, coordinated care.

During the panel, we shared our collegial approach to advancing the care we provide to patients with the audience.

For example, over the past 10 years, the UNC Center for Maternal and Infant Health has supported multi-disciplinary care teams remotely and in-person and that trend continues to grow. As academic medical centers, we are able to benefit from our access to a multitude of specialty caregivers. Women's care teams can include care coordinators, genetic counselors, sonographers, and maternal-fetal medicine, general ob/gyn, neonatology, genetics, pediatric surgery, pediatric cardiology and pathology practitioners.

Women's health care at UNC has been leading the way for coordinated women's health care by working closely with public health departments throughout the state, especially to support mothers from pre-conception to birth. And we work closely with referring providers on complex cases. We are also continuing to develop infrastructure and resources such as technology and a site, called mombaby.org which gives providers resources for care to better support the discipline throughout the state. The UNC Center for Women's Health Research also works to advance women's health research, prevention and health education efforts.

I look forward to our continued work with our staff and health care leaders across the country as we work to provide patients with the best care possible.

For more information about our work with women's health, please visit he Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology's website, follow the department on Twitter, read its blog or visit its Facebook page.

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