Preventing Childhood Obesity


This week I have had some unique opportunities ? related to the growing efforts to do something about the epidemic of childhood obesity in our nation.

I have been asked to be one of the nine members of the inaugural board of directors of a new organization ? the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA, We had our first board meeting this week in Washington, DC.

This new group is designed to be a non-partisan, private sector effort to catalyze work that is underway across many public and private organizations. One of the partners we will be working with is the First Lady, Michelle Obama.

First Lady Michelle Obama, courtesy White House

First Lady Michelle Obama, courtesy White House

The First Lady is the Honorary Chair of PHA, and the Honorary Vice-Chairs are former Senator Bill Frist (a Republican) and current Newark Mayor Cory Booker (a Democrat).

PHA intends to work closely with the First Lady's initiative, Let's Move!

While we were in DC this week, the PHA Board met for almost an hour with the First Lady and her key staff.

It is clear that she is deeply involved with and passionately committed to this initiative. She talked about what it means to her ? not only as first lady, but as a mother of two young daughters.

I was really impressed by Michelle Obama. Her grace, poise, intellect and beauty were striking.

What was also striking ? as I have told others afterwards ? is how tall she is! Coach Hatchell would have been glad to have her on the team!

There is surely lots more work for many people and organizations to do to turn around the epidemic of childhood obesity ? but I was pleased to have these inspiring experiences this week.

Stay tuned!

1 thought on “Preventing Childhood Obesity

  1. Donna Shelley

    As a parent of elementary-aged children, I’m frustrated by the lack of time available for outdoor play (exercise). I would like to see an end or severe limit to homework. I think the time would be better spent for the children to just be kids – outside and playing.


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