Last day in Cuzco


Today was our last full day in Cuzco. It was low-key and pleasant.

We went on a driving tour of several sites south of Cuzco, including a beautiful old church, a large pre-Incan site and an elaborate Incan structure.

This visit has really taught me a lot about the history and culture of Peru. It is a country with much history and an extensive series of archeological sites that make that history come alive.

We saw first hand the pride and the challenges of the people of Peru today — especially when we visited the health institutions in Trujillo with Dr. Luis Diaz.

The global health partnership between UNC and UNT (the National University of Trujillo) is a great way for us to strengthen our two institutions, and it provides many opportunities for our students and faculty.

I feel really privileged to have been able to make this trip with Luis Diaz and Doug Morgan.

Tomorrow we head home, via Lima to Miami and then Chapel Hill.

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