Hope for Change

This week Barack Obama becomes our 44th President.

In a host of ways it is evident that Americans yearn for new leadership
and new politics for our nation.

Like millions of others, I am hopeful that President Obama will do great
things for America. The transition for the new administration has gone
quite smoothly, and he has selected a team of highly qualified,
impressive people.

The inaugural celebrations now unfolding will be exciting and filled
with promise.

It is my hope that he will call on all of us to pull together, to put
partisanship behind us, and to sacrifice together to heal our land.

We have some huge problems — the frightening economic chaos and our
deeply flawed health care system are the most obvious to me.

Charting the path to improvement and even solutions will be very
difficult. But we have to give our very best effort.

I am convinced that President Obama wants to lead us to do just that.

May he, and we, be successful.

1 thought on “Hope for Change

  1. Bill Funderburk

    Dr. Roper,

    President Obama needs you. Now that Daschle is out, I can think of no other person to step into this critical vacuum of leadership.

    Greetings from Birmingham, AL. Don’t know if you remember me.

    Best regards to you and Maryann.



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