A China Reflection on UNC

I’ve been back from China for four days — and my sleep and wake patterns are almost adjusted.

Several people have asked me what my “greatest memory” or “most striking impression” of the China trip is. This morning, I answered that question this way — the remarkable speed with which they do things. Their sheer capacity for concerted effort allows them to do things in unbelievable time frames.

We are now on a path to build a new hospital bed tower at UNC — something we badly need to have in place now, if not yesterday. It will allow us to serve our very large current and rapidly growing demands for services by patients across North Carolina and beyond.

It will likely take us four years or so to get this project done and that is both optimistic and very frustrating.

But I told someone today that I think my new friends in China would be able to do it in about four months. Maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration, but not much. Yes, I know that there are good things about our deliberative processes of oversight and governance — but the breathtaking pace of things in China should push us, too!

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