PUMC, FHI, Project HOPE and Gates Foundation

Over the past two days, we had very good meetings with several institutions —

I visited with Dr. Depei Liu, the president of Peking Union Medical College. He is also president of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. In U.S. terms, that would be like his being head of one of our top health science centers, and also director of the NIH! We had very wide-ranging conversations about how we might partner, including the possibility of student and faculty exchanges.

PUMC’s headquarters is in beautiful old buildings, which are surrounded by soaring, modern skyscrapers.

Meeting with Prof. Depei Liu, the president of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and of the Peking Union Medical College.
roper, chinese academy medical colleges

We met with Feng Cheng, the country director for Family Health International, which is headquartered in RTP. They are focused on HIV/AIDS work particularly.

And we met with the Beijing staff of Project HOPE, which is chaired by Dr. Charles Sanders. He also chairs the UNC Health Care Board. They are working on diabetes education for physicians and other professionals, and earthquake relief.

I also spoke with Ray Yip, who is country director in China for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Ray and I worked together at the CDC in the early 1990s. He traveled with me to China in 1992, and has worked over the past 11 years in China — for UNICEF, the U.S. CDC, and now Gates.

We were to have met in person, but Bill Gates came to town and that understandably took priority for Ray.

UNC alum and his family in Beijing.

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