We have just been to the most amazing sporting event I have ever seen (with the exception of the Men’s Basketball National Championship in St. Louis in 2005).

This morning we went to swimming finals. We saw lots of great events, and a number of new world records were set.

The high point, though, was seeing Michael Phelps. He won the gold in the 200 fly, and the U.S. team, of which he was the first leg, won the gold in the 4×200 free. It was wonderful getting to stand and sing the “Star Spangled Banner” twice!

As of right now, Phelps has won five gold medals in the Beijing Olympics, which, when added to his six from Sydney, means that he has won more gold medals than anyone else in history! And he is not done yet. He is predicted to win three more while here.

It turns out that his mother was sitting just a few rows away from us, and we got to see her reaction to all of this, and see him throw his bouquets of roses up to her in the stands.


The USA men’s 4×200 free relay team with their gold medals.
mens 4x200

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