Beach volleyball and swimming

Today was a fun day — just Olympics.

In the morning we went to beach volleyball and saw several matches.

The best was between the Chinese and Belgian women. The China team won but it was a closely fought game (19-21, 21-18, 15-13).

Tonight we went to the “Water Cube” (the natatorium) and saw great swimming. We saw a new world’s record set in the women’s 200 freestyle, and Michael Phelps set a new Olympic record in the men’s 200 fly.

The facilities for the Olympics here are just magnificent — and the hospitality we are receiving from the Chinese people is really heart-warming. I often have noticed people looking intently at me on the street — staring really — and I have taken to waving and smiling at them — and they just beam back at me. Tom has taught me to say — “knee how,” which means hello — and they love it when I try to say it to them.

This trip is really a joy — and an opportunity to learn and build relationships for UNC.

Will holding a real Olympic torch.
Will torch

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