We’re off to China!

Our son, Will Roper, and I are off to China!

We started thinking about taking this trip after our very successful time in Africa last summer. We went to Malawi to learn about UNC’s global health work there and it was a fantastic experience.

UNC has long had global health partnerships in China, led by Drs. Mike Cohen and Gail Henderson. Many other UNC faculty are involved in these efforts.

In addition, UNC has other faculty and leaders who are involved in our collaborative work in China. Chancellor James Moeser was there last year to speak at a joint UNC conference and Provost Bernadette Gray-Little was there recently. She is now planning a return trip.

Will and I will visit Shanghai, Nanjing and Beijing, and will interact with many of UNC’s partners. Associate Provost Peter Coclanis and Tom Martineau will be with us for some of the activities.

I will be writing frequent accounts of our experiences and (I hope) posting some pictures, too.

We are going to stay on in Beijing for the first week of the Olympics. We are going to be cheering for our amazing USA athletes — including the men’s basketball team, led by Coach K! All my Duke friends — take notice of my broadmindedness!

More to come. This should be good.

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