Thank you and Farewell, Malawi

Before leaving Lilongwe, I want to thank three others who have helped me greatly on this trip:

Irving Hoffman, who is director of the UNC Project, planned the entire trip and travelled here in order to accompany me on most of it. His creative energy, his commitment, his leadership and his winsome personality have combined to make this an unparalleled experience. The UNC Project is what it is today because of Irving, and I have a greatly enhanced appreciation for his work.

Charlie van der Horst has long led studies here in Malawi, and is now deeply involved in South Africa as well. He is a one-of-a-kind, “wild and crazy guy,” who has done amazing things. I really enjoyed our time together in Jo’burg and in Lilongwe.

Mike Cohen, director of the UNC Center for Infectious Disease, and the leader of global health at UNC-Chapel Hill, has grown and developed a tremendous cadre of dedicated leaders who have literally put UNC on the map in global health and infectious disease work.

I look foward to working with Mike and colleagues as together he and others build even more capacity to do research, service and education that benefits people around the world — and especially the people of North Carolina.


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