Visiting UNC’s Project in Malawi, Part 2

I toured the UNC Project today, and shook hands with and chatted with scores of people. They each are smiling, dedicated people — I am really impressed with the work here.

This afternoon I visited the UNC Project’s Guesthouse, which recently opened on the grounds of the Kamuzu Central Hospital, right near the UNC Project. It was funded by a generous UNC donor. I saw Godfrey, who manages the facility and cooks the meals, Joyce, who keeps it clean, and John, the gardener. It was superb in quality, and can house around 15 students / faculty at a time.

Then I saw the Lighthouse HIV treatment facility, which is right next door, also on the grounds of the KCH. It is funded by the CDC and others, and partially staffed by UNC Project clinicians.

We also toured the Baylor College of Medicine pediatrics unit — funded by Abbott Labs. It provides outpatient treatment for children with HIV. I visited with a young American pediatrician who is here for a year. She will go this fall to Denver for a peds hematology-oncology fellowship. I told her that my wife and I met at Denver Children’s Hospital, during our residencies. Small world!

Will and Jessica visited Kamuzu Central Hospital this morning, and they are spending the day at the Ministry of Hope Orphanage again today, as volunteers caring for the children.

We have dinner tonight at the home of David Chilongozi, the research coordinator of the UNC Project, along with a number of people from the project. They are treating us to Malawian food!


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