Remembering My Time at the CDC

In commemoration of the CDC's 60th anniversary, one of its publications, the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) is changing up their usual report format and has invited former CDC directors, like myself, to give their own point of view on key public health achievements and challenges that occurred during their tenures.

I also serve on the Report's editorial board, so I was happy to reminisce about my time at the agency, and share some of the successes I had a hand in.

Here's an excerpt:

The years 19901993 saw tremendous change in public health. CDC expanded its effectiveness and capacity by building key partnerships with academia, public health agencies, and the private sector. The explosion of telecommunications greatly enhanced CDC's ability to communicate the results of studies and recommendations directly with the public, which increased the visibility of the agency and the public health community.

The agency's priorities were clear: strengthening the public health infrastructure, improving the health of children, and making prevention a practical reality in the nation's health system.

To read the entire piece, visit

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