Congratulations to UNC’s Dr. David J. Weber

I wanted to take some time to congratulate UNC's own Dr. David Weber, this year's recipient of the H. Fleming Fuller Award, an honor given annually in memory of the Kinston, N.C. physician and founding member of the UNC Hospitals' board who died in 1986. The award recognizes doctors who demonstrate exemplary patient care, as well as excellence in teaching and community service.

Weber is a professor in the departments of medicine and pediatrics at the School of Medicine, and a professor of epidemiology in the School of Public Health. We're pleased to have him as a researcher, educator and clinician at our university and in our hospitals.

Dr. Weber is dedicated to improving the quality of care at UNC Health Care, and truly embodies our Vision and Values of tri-fold excellence in leadership, teaching and scholarship, and patient care. He is continually cited as one of out students' most respected professors and has published more than 80 scientific papers in the peer-reviewed literature on his major research interests, including the epidemiology of tuberculosis and HIV infection, infectious diarrhea, and hospital-acquired nosocomial infections.

The safe, compassionate health care our patients receive is directly related to the work of employees and staff like Dr. Weber. He is completely deserving of this award and, on behalf of our entire institution, I commend him and his good works.

Congratulations again, Dr. Weber.

1 thought on “Congratulations to UNC’s Dr. David J. Weber

  1. Nathan Szejniuk

    Please share with Dr. Weber my congratulations. It was a pleasure from 2003 – 2006 working with him as UNC’s 1st titled Disaster Management Coordinator.


    Nate Szejniuk


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