How Are We Doing?

When he was mayor of New York, Ed Koch frequently asked people, How are we doing?

Constantly seeking others' assessment and a commitment to accountability are important parts of a culture of quality.

The UNC School of Medicine aspires to be the nation’s leading public medical school. And we recently received some information that tells us we are on our way to achieving that goal.

Every year, US News & World Report ranks graduate schools in a range of disciplines, including medicine. These rankings are based on a combination of expert opinion and objective statistical measures. The “experts” are our peers deans and residency directors at other medical schools.

There are 125 accredited medical schools and 19 schools of osteopathic medicine included in the survey. The survey includes two components Research and Primary Care.

We are proud that the UNC School of Medicine received the 2nd place ranking over all for Primary Care training a fact that reflects our commitment to teaching, our emphasis on patient care, and the excellence of our students.

Here’s how they did the ranking: a quality assessment that included surveying deans and residency directors; a student selectivity marker about the scores and grades of our students; a faculty resources ratio that demonstrates the ratio of faculty to students; and a primary care rate the proportion of our students who choose to pursue residencies in Pediatrics, Family Medicine or Internal Medicine.

Among the subspecialties examined, UNC ranked 6th for Rural Medicine and 21st for Pediatrics.

The high ranking in Rural Medicine is a strong reflection of our commitment to caring for the health of North Carolinians across the state much of which is rural and of our emphasis on teaching our students to do so.

And UNC ranked 20th in Research among the nation's medical schools.

This information is useful to us as we continue our quest to be the nation's leading public medical school and academic health care system. It is validation of past efforts and a challenge for our future work.

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