Katrina and UNC

The attention of our Nation has been rivetted on the Gulf Coast over the past week and a half. This hurricane and its aftermath has already had more impact on American than anything since 9-11, and that will surely grow.

Right now the news media and the Washington pundits are heavily focused on who messed up and who caused this tragedy. But in the middle of that frenzy are countless quiet stories of people helping other people.

I am deeply proud of the UNC Health Care teammates who have stepped forward and volunteered to help. Some of them are already in the devastated area, others are getting ready to go, and many others have contributed financially or otherwise.

The blog accounts from Chip Rich, MD, give us the news from the frontline, and allow us to feel the human side of this immense crisis.

Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with the millions of people affected by Katrina, and especially with those of our number who have carried our mission of service to them.

One of our values is to be deeply and broadly engaged with the people of North Carolina and the nation to meet their health challenges.”

Those are not empty words, thanks especially to those who now represent us so ably.

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